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Publish a Python Package to PyPI

Python is one of the most popular languages, known for being simple and easy to read. In this guide, we discuss how to publish your...

Train a Deep Q-Network with Swift for TensorFlow (S4TF)

We look at each component of Deep Q-Network, and see how they can be translated to Swift for TensorFlow.

How to Download Kaggle Datasets on Ubuntu

Kaggle is one of the most popular place to datasets for data science and machine learning. In this guide, we discuss how to download datasets...

August Update

During the past few weeks, the website went through major changes in both the style and the content. In this post, we want to...

RL Weekly 42: Special Issue on NeurIPS 2020 Competitions

In this special issue, we look at the four RL competitions that is a part of NeurIPS 2020.

RL Weekly 41: Adversarial Policies, Image Augmentation, and Self-Supervised Exploration with World Models

In this issue, we look at adversarial policy learning, image augmentation in RL, and self-supervised exploration through world models.