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RL Weekly 42: Special Issue on NeurIPS 2020 Competitions

In this special issue, we look at the four RL competitions that is a part of NeurIPS 2020.

RL Weekly 41: Adversarial Policies, Image Augmentation, and Self-Supervised Exploration with World Models

In this issue, we look at adversarial policy learning, image augmentation in RL, and self-supervised exploration through world models.

How to Setup Azure Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM)

Azure Data Science Virtual Machine is a virtual machine image that is built for data science.

RL Weekly 40: Catastrophic Interference and Policy Evaluation Networks

In this issue, we look at two papers combating catastrophic interference. Memento combats interference by training two independent agents where the second agent takes off...

RL Weekly 39: Intrinsic Motivation for Cooperation and Amortized Q-Learning

In this issue, we look at using intrinsic rewards to encourage cooperation in two-agent MDP. We also look at replacing maximization in Q-learning over all...

Papers Accepted to ICLR 2020

Here is an interactive table of all ICLR 2020 papers.